Top 10 Essential Oils That Can Relief Allergies

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Essential oils for allergies

The oils are widely used to relief allergy disorders. These oil relief from allergy in different manners:

1 – They work to reduce the immune system related pain which causes allergy germs to attack.

2 – Essential oils often reduce inflammation and enhance the defense from allergy.most of the allergies are also due to the inflammation process. So these

3 – they can boost your immune system in a manner to get your immune system prepared to fight with the allergic triggers.

And last but not the least is they enter your home and inside your body to fight against these allergic germs and maintain your good health.

Here are top 10 oils which are very beneficial to save you from allergy.

1 ) – Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is a natural antihistamine and a very powerful solution to inflammation so it efficiently makes your body strong to fight against allergens along with the removal of many painful symptoms related to your allergies. As for the use of Lavender oil there are multiple ways to use this oil.

2 ) – Peppermint oil

This oil is a relaxant, an expectorant and it has antispasmodic properties. Your sinuses are cleaned if you inhale the peppermint oil. It relives the sore throat pain also helps for the coughing.  Also there are multiple way for this oil usage. One of the most efficient one is to use it by adding few drops of peppermint oil with aromatherapy diffuser.

3 ) –Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil is a very powerful and essential oil and works by killing allergy triggers in environment and treats the skin allergies by directly interacting with skin. It diffuse in the home to reduce any kind of allergens from bacteria to fungi to mold.

4 ) – Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is interactive with the respiratory system and it interacts with the respiratory factors to ensure such kinds of allergies. This oil is expectorant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

5 ) – Lemon Oil

Lemon oil is related to both immune and lymphatic system due to low PH nature of the oil. Lemon oil stimulates the production of white blood cells and also detox your body. It is used in the homes as an environment allergies eliminator.

6 ) – Blend of Sandalwood

Blend of sandalwood and frankincense and ravensara oils are used to treat perennial allergic rhinitis. Many of the people reported improvements regarding to their sneezing, runny and itchy noses and blocked nasal passages.

7 ) – Patchouli

Patchouli is also a very helpful and anti-allergy oil. This oil is usually versatile to seasonal allergies and the best is that it works against mosquitoes also which is very helpful and interesting. It should be you first choice if you are down to dumps related to your allergy symptoms.

8 ) – Roman Chamomile

Roman Chamomile is famous for giving courage to soldiers during war. As for Roman Chamomile oil, it is very good for allergy with its sweet and soothing smell. It contains the floral scent which is very unique and satisfying.

9 ) – Melissa Oil

Melissa oil also known as the lemon balm oil. It belongs from the mint family and by using the steam from the leaves of the plants and the pets of the flowers. It is very efficient for the skin and environmental allergy.

10 ) – Basil Oil

Basil oil reduces is good against the inflammation and it controls the adrenal glands. Adrenal glands are powerful glands which produce around 50 hormones and it definitely means that these glands drive almost every function in the human body. So this oil is very efficient against the allergic disorders.

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