Shea Butter for Eczema [The Ultimate Guide]

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Get to know about Shea Butter for Eczema | Ultimate Guide


Nowadays people are getting depressed because of eczema disease. Most of them want to know about  treatments methods such as Shea butter for eczema. In the situation ,the eczema patient’s skin often convert into dry, itchy, rough and red damaged state.  

Eczema usually occurs due to seasonal allergies or due to eating affected food. Food allergies can also cause Eczema. 

One of the main disturbing symptoms of eczema is the itchiness of the skin. For the very first time when I was getting into a skin rash, I was wondering and looking for home solutions and remedies that can treat my skin without having to do to the doctor and spend more money and time ..:).

I was planning to go for the medical treatment, but suddenly after doing a little research i found about Shea butter and eczema relationship and its advantages so I decided to give it a try.Here is what I found :

Shea butter for eczema is the best treatment  you can use at home to recover itchy skin that can cause due to eczema. Shea butter is an excellent moisture that can hydrate your skin and provide a tremendous moisturizing effect to your body skin.

Further, I will go through the procedure that shows how to use Shea butter for eczema at home and how to make a lovable recipe from Shea butter to get rid of eczema.

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Shea butter and eczema:

Shea butter has natural ingredients which use to combat eczema within weeks.It also contains a high amount of oily content and has high quantity fatty acids.

Shea butter for eczema can cure your skin because it can regenerate skin cells effectively. It can penetrate the skin deeper and provide the moisturizing effect to the rough and damaged body skin and its effects last for more few hours compared to other lotions without having to apply it again .

Shea Butter

Do you know that Shea butter is available in many forms?

Yes, Shea butter available in many forms. Some of them contain high additives and chemicals, but one of the types which are unrefined pure Shea butter does not contain any additives or chemicals.

As compared to all other medicated lotions and creams Shea butter is highly effective because it can last long for many hours and won’t disturb your skin. Shea butter contains vitamin A, F, and E which can help your itchy and inflamed skin to heal faster. It has high-quality anti-inflammatory properties that will keep your dehydrated skin become more hydrated and less irritated.

Further, we will mention that what are the Healing properties of Shea butter for eczema:

Healing Properties of Shea Butter

There are several dermatitis suggest to sue Shea butter because of its Healing properties. Shea butter is an anti-inflammatory substance that can heal your damaged skin. Some of the excellent healing properties are stated below:

  • It stimulates the effect of aging :
  • Shea butter repairs damaged and rough skin cells
  • It provides a moisturizing effect to your flaky skin
  • It eventually evens the skin tone and fades out the blemishes
  • Shea butter for eczema used to reduce the skin inflammation
  • It can be  applied to remove the sun burns
  • Shea butter helps out body skin to fight from mosquito bites and pollen’s
  • It also used to treat the skin allergies like poison oak and poison ivy

From where to find Shea butter for eczema:

Do you know that Shea butter is not like a natural butter? Shea butter is extracted from Shea tree nuts which are excessively available in African forests. The butter derived from the nuts in the factories. It usually looks like yellow butter, but most of the makers processed it in machines and provided versions in Shea butter colors like in white or ivory.

The reason that why Shea butter for eczema is recommended by many cosmeticians, dermatitis and skin doctors is that it is also used in making skin treating lotions. You can buy Shea nuts and can extract butter at home, or you can even get it from any grocery store. People think that how we can use Shea butter on all over our body. In the next section, we will tell you that how you can apply Shea butter to recover from eczema symptoms.

How to Use Shea Butter for Eczema:

Expert dermatitis suggests that using Shea butter on the affected skin can reduce the inflammation and itchiness rapidly. If you are suffering from eczema for a long time, then I will recommend buying African Shea butter for eczema.

Mostly people prefer to use Avocado oil to get rid of all skin issues. However, Avocado oil cannot rapidly penetrate into the skin. On the other hand Shea butter can easily penetrate into the skin without any clogging. You can get Shea butter from the grocery stores and can make Shea butter cream for eczema at home.

You can use Shea butter cream in all over the affected skin and let it absorb fully. I have been using this Shea butter cream for two weeks, and now I can’t believe that I got the new improved skin. People usually think that is it safe to use Shea butter on the damaged skin? Do not over think that Shea butter can hurt you damaged skin?  It provides intense healing properties which can recover your damaged skin precisely.

Making Shea Butter cream for Eczema:

Preferred Equipment to use:

  • One boiler
  • Container or jar
  • Hand mixer

Ingredients to use:

  • 1 cup of Shea butter ( You can get Unrefined Pure organic Shea butter from Glossary stores)
  • A half cup of coconut oil (Must be organic)
  • 1 table spoon of organic honey
  • 2 table spoon of an essential oil ( You can also use Lavender oil)
  • 5-10 drops of tea tree oil( it should rely on the severity of itchiness and inflammation)

7 Simple Steps to Make Shea butter cream for eczema:

Don’t worry . Its a very simple procedure and you will love the result… 

  1. First of all, if you are allergic due to eczema, then you must use hand gloves.
  2. Put the shea butter and coconut oil on the boiler and with low flame ,do not over flame the heat, and stir until they are melt and combined.
  3. The next thing to do is to add the organic honey to the mixture and keep stirring  util everything is melted and the mixture is very well mixed .
  4. Now add coconut oil, tea tree oil and essential oil into the melted mixture and mix it very well also.
  5. After mixing it well pore this mixture in a container (Try to Use glass container instead of using plastic box) and let it cool for 2-3 hours.

Important note: Do not get into the state of impatience. 

Shea butter


  1. Now after 2-3 hours once the mixture turns into cold and thicker state, then you can apply a small amount of Shea butter cream on one part of the affected skin. 
  2. You need to make sure that your affected skin reacts well after using Shea butter cream. You can use this Shea butter cream in the night and let it penetrate into your skin all along the night. In the next morning take a shower with lukewarm water, and you will see sensible results after some days.



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