Tips to fight against pollen allergies

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Tips to fight against pollen allergies


Pollen makes too many health problems with allergic people every year. Sneezing, red eyes, itchy throat … So many discomforts which can become very annoying, in the long run. To fight against pollen allergies and limit their consequences, here are 10 solutions :

Sneezing, runny nose, headache, burning eyes, itchy throat, and in the most severe cases, asthma attacks and eczema… Pollen allergies are a waste of life!

Protect yourself from the outside air 

Especially in the spring, pollens spread in the air, entering through the respiratory system. In people with allergies, the immune system reacts to the invasion of these foreign bodies and will try to evacuate it by all means: cough, sneeze, tears. 

Therefore, maximum precautions must be taken to protect yourself from the outside air. To do this, you should:  

How to fight against pollen allergies

  • Consult the bulletins of the RNSA (National Network of Aerobiological Surveillance) to know the peaks of pollution with pollen. So, you will know when it is better to stay at home or at least when to adopt the other tips below.
  • Close windows, at home, or when traveling by car so as not to let pollen inside. It is important that you can keep a safe place where breathing is not torturing!
  • Rinse your hair in the evening during pollination periods … or when you have spent a lot of time outside. This will prevent you from putting it on your pillow and breathing pollen all night long. 
  • Wash your hands, nose, face, and eyes with plenty of water several times a day. Like the previous advice, this allows foreign bodies to be removed as quickly as possible, so as not to obstruct the respiratory tract. 
  • Avoid drying your laundry outside, if you have a garden. The pollen will attach itself to it and will literally stick to your skin!

Prevent pollen allergies through dress

Yes, yes, you read that right. Your clothes and fashion accessories can help you overcome the allergy. It is therefore recommended: 

  • To wear glasses: sun or sight … Indeed, they create a protective screen and limit breakage!
  •  Always have a scarf handy. You can then place it in front of your mouth to limit, again, exposure to pollen . Particles will have a harder time entering your airways. 

Remedies to relieve pollen allergies

Finally, there are natural or medicinal remedies, which will relieve you in the event of an allergic attack . Among them we can cite: 

– The essential oil diffuser. The best ones to clean the air? The essential oil of eucalyptus, lavender, tarragon, or bay leaf. 
However, their use is controversial. So, if you feel the fits get worse after using an essential oil, stop taking it. You may be allergic to the plant used in the product. 
If you wish to use it, follow the instructions in the instructions carefully and do not take it  ad vitam aeternam . The essential oil should only relieve the crisis.

– The iconic eye drops, keep in your bag. It is particularly useful for relieving itchy eyes. 

– Antihistamines or corticosteroids. If your allergy persists, a doctor may prescribe it. Guaranteed relief!

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