Best Dry Foods for Dogs with Skin Allergies

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Best Dog Food for Skin Allergies

Like humans, dogs can develop skin allergies too. These allergies can be seasonal, or occur relentlessly due to an allergic reaction to an ingredient in their food. If your dog is constantly scratching their skin or licking themselves excessively, it may signify a severe skin allergy.

Other Symptoms of a Skin Allergy In Dogs Include:

  • Exposed skin patches
  • Redness or skin sores
  • Flaky skin
  • Always rubbing the face and ears
  • Nibbling or biting on skin
  • Scraping skin against surfaces
  • Excessive shedding

Dogs with sore and itchy skin can become aggressive, so beware of dog bite injuries. If you have already visited the vet, they may have prescribed you a medication that solved the problem temporarily.

Many doctors recommend prescription foods as well, which can be expensive but worth your pet’s health. Several natural supplements can help alleviate or eliminate the issue as well. However, here we will talk about hypoallergenic dog foods that will prevent your best friend from contracting all sorts of skin allergies. A number of ‘limited ingredient’ and ‘grain-free’ dog foods are sold in the market that are great for keeping skin allergies at bay.

1.      Canidae Pure (Real Salmon and Sweet Potato Recipe)

This dry dog food is grain-free, and contains a limited number of high-quality ingredients, so you know exactly what your dog is ingesting. The primary ingredients of this kibble are salmon, sweet potatoes, peas, and menhaden fish.

This is a maintenance food that is only suitable for adult dogs. The primary source of protein here is fresh salmon fish, which is a lean protein. This food comprises of 36% protein, 36% carbohydrates and 20% fat content.

2.      Taste of the Wild PREY (Angus Beef Recipe)

The Taste of the Wild brand lives up to its name, providing the highest percentage of meat protein in its pet foods. It is the closest to raw food, including all the essential nutrients your canine needs on a daily basis, minus all the infectious microorganisms.

This dog food is also obviously grain-free; it is available in different varieties, but Agnes Beef is the best-selling product in the range (probably because most dogs prefer this flavor). Main ingredients include ground beef, lentils, sunflower oil, and tomato.

The food is infused with probiotics and highly digestible, making it ideal for dogs of all ages. It is also free of artificial flavorings, preservatives, and GMOs.

3.      Natural Balance L.I.D (Salmon and Brown Rice Formula)

The L.I.D in the name stands for limited ingredient diet, though this kibble is grain-inclusive. It contains whole grain brown rice, which is usually recommended for pups with digestive problems.

Nonetheless, it contains a narrow assortment of premium ingredients that will keep the allergies away. This food is a great option if your dog is a picky eater, regardless of their breed and age. The food is packed with amino acids and is essentially gluten-free.

4.      Royal Canin Veterinary Diet HP

Royal Canin is the number one pet food brand recommended by veterinary doctors worldwide. This dry food consists of Hydrolyzed Protein, suitable for adult dogs in all breeds.

It is a limited ingredient kibble, but grain inclusive. The primary contents are hydrolyzed soy protein, brewer’s rice, and chicken fat.

5.      Wellness Simple (Turkey and Potato Formula)

This limited ingredient dog chow is grain-free and excellent for your pet’s health maintenance.

Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient Diet Turkey and Potato is one of  recipes included in our review of the Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient dry product line. The combination of turkey and sweet potatoes yields a high protein and low fat ratio.

The animal protein is derived from real deboned turkey meat, which is very nutritious for your dog.

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