No Nuts…Not Ever!!!

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No Nuts…Not Ever!!!

Does this sound like what one of your family members or even yourself, what you need for safety?

Tree nuts and peanuts…

Although the industrialized world has shown alarming increases in many types of allergens, tree nuts and peanuts seems to be one of the most prevalent.

Added to this, the possibility of a fatal (life-threatening) reaction is far greater for a peanut/tree nut allergy than any other single group of allergens.

To the uninformed, many people can not comprehend the difficulties a parent or child has in trying to avoid either of these allergens. But just the “dust of a nut” can actually cause a reaction that, without immediate medical treatment, minutes may be too late to save a life.

Add to this, nut dust can be found in so many places which can be totally unsuspected. Sure the PB&J; sandwich or a can of mixed nuts are the obvious.

But what about the chocolate brownie with no nuts, after all it says so right on the label, but it was made with peanut oil. Your McDonald’s French fries could have been fried in peanut oil or the salad dressing on your tossed salad uses nuts as an added flavoring agent (says natural flavors on the label). Then there’s a bouillon cube which was used to make some chicken noodle soup plus so many other unsuspecting places.

Then there is another group which is even harder to imagine with places like:

  • ant bait traps
  • pet food
  • mouse traps
  • fillers in pharmaceutical medications
  • the stuffings/fillers used for children’s toys or furniture (bean bag chairs or some lines of plush toys)
  • suntan lotions
  • cosmetics

Did you realize when your wife applies her lipstick the risk is there for a nut allergy reaction if a family member gives her a good-bye kiss?

Or what if your child runs up, throws out his/her arms and exclaims “I Love You, Mommy” and gives you a kiss. Has a nut allergy reaction just been born?

Well, the problem exists and in the field of medicine it is not going away anytime very soon.

So, enter now, and meet Skeeter Snacks from a dedicated facility totally free of any kind of nut/peanut dust. Skeeter is the squirrel allergic to nuts who set out to create a delicious, safe and affordable product for everyone to enjoy! Skeeter Snacks are produced in a 100% Peanut/Tree Nut free facility, dedicated to creating awesome products safe for those with either of these allergies and delicious/affordable for all!

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