Cure White Spots On The Skin From Tanning Bed

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Cure White Spots On The Skin From Tanning Bed


Are you a little bit worry while going out there in summer? If yes then what’s the danger? Let me tell you about the main problem which is skin tanning. Skin tanning or essentially tanning is the procedure whereby skin transforms into a darker color or tanned.

It happens when your body or skin exposed to ultraviolet (UV) radiation (rays) from the sunlight or any other artificial device or source.

Allergic Reaction to Tanning Bed

You should know that the tanning bed exposes you to an increased risk for skin cancer, you may also have the same type of allergic reaction that many people have due to exposure to sunlight or the exposure to UV rays itself.

Signs and Symptoms:

In some cases, white small or large spots or patches appear on the body. These white spots occur when dead cells start to seem under your body’s skin surface. The formation of dead skin cells is one of the primary causes of tanning skin. Sometimes you might see results of color loss or de-pigmentation.

White skin spots can cause severe symptoms but can be more repercussions. Diagnosing the symptoms on time is imperative. You should go to the dermatologist and start treating your skin. Common causes of skin tanning are dehydration and pigmentation.

Types of Skin Tanning:

  • Tinea versicolor:

Skin tanning is not so harmful, but it may be getting worse day by day if it is not treated on time. The appearance of white patches is known as Tinea Versicolor. In this situation, most of the people only see white spots, but some of them see ugly white patches in frequent tanners.

In Tinea Versicolor, you might see specific marks on the skin as a result of fungal infection. Tinea Versicolor can appear in the form of white spots, red spots, and brown spots. These spots are getting worse with the passage of time and get larger over the period. Most people have microscopic yeast on their skin, but Tinea skin tanning type can experience the overgrowth of yeast.

  • Pityriasis Alba:

PA (Pityriasis Alba) is a non-cancerous skin condition that is widely spread skin condition. People get infected with this skin tanning disease that causes painful, scaly, red, and itchy patches.

Most people who do not treat these white patches can see that these white patches eventually heals within days but leave a white spot over the skin.

Children mostly affected by this disease and usually impact the shoulders, neck, and arms. Many researchers concluded that PA could convert into a mild situation and form eczema or atopic dermatitis.

  • Sunspots or Guttate hypomelanosis:

Due to the sun exposure mostly women getting effect and get into the problem of de-pigmentation. This kind of white spot appears in small sizes like 1-3mm.

People who are using tanning beds to give a bronzed look to their skin should know about the worse symptoms.

Using artificial UV light can increase the chances of getting imbalanced skin and can be allergic too. When your blood flow is not distributed evenly to all the body parts, then you might be caught white spots from a tanning bed. Tanning bed infection can contract the fungal infection.

  • Vitiligo:

Vitiligo is similar to the sun a spot in which white patches appear on the skin. If your immune system is affected or mistakenly harms your healthy cells then as a result of this, you might see white patches on your skin.

  • Milia:

Do you ever feel raised tissues on your skin that are painless? If yes then you might affect with Milia in which painless white fluid-filled patches appear on the white.

These white patches appear on the skin as a result of tissues damage, skin inflammation and blistering.

When to See the Dermatologist?

Tanning bed white spots can sometimes be painful if you are not overcome these in initial stages. It can worsen with time. People usually getting depressed by the appearance of these white or pink patches. Many dermatologists recommend determining the causes and symptoms of these white spots and starting treatment to overcome the complexity.

They begin by doing visual assessments to diagnose the main reason. To recover the severe condition of tanning skin, they may go for the biopsy. We recommend you to talk to your doctor if you feel intense itching or pain because it might be an alarming situation for everyone.

How To Cure White Spots Of Tanning?

Note that white spots from tanning are not contagious. You have to fight the fungus that is causing these marks on the skin.

Below are three simple ways to cure those spots caused by tanning:

  • Anti-Fungal CreamUsing creams that are anti-fungal and contain selenium sulfide (slows down the growth of the fungus) is also another way to treat the infection. Apply the cream persistently to the affected area for a week or two to get visible results.
  • Anti-Dandruff ShampooAnti-dandruff shampoos will fight the fungus that causes the white spots on the skin and will eliminate the infection. Wash the affected areas on the skin with a solution that is made of 1 part of anti-dandruff shampoo and 4 parts of water.
  • Anti-Fungal Powder:  Using antifungal powder will prevent the production of unwanted moisture in the skin and also fights the infection. Keep the skin dry as much as you can to restrain the fungus from growing.

Home Remedies To Cure White Spots On The Skin From Tanning Bed:

Taking medicines or go for medical treatments can be annoying or some people. I like to go for natural remedies to cure this kind of tanning problems.

Instead of taking antibiotics or using chemical-based products on your skin you can easily overcome white patches at home. Further, we will mention four mind-blowing and amazing treatments that can do at home.

Home tips:

  • Have you ever use Aloe Vera gel? Yes, it’s a fantastic toner or gel used to glow your skin at home. If you see white patches on your skin surface, then apply a small amount of Aloe Vera on the affected area and dry it thoroughly so that your skin absorbs it. It also controls the growth of fungus on your skin surface.
  • Acv (Apple Cider Vinegar) is a well-known toner that use to avoid white or red spots. Applying the diluted apple vinegar on the affected skin can show positive recovery results in 1 week.
  • We all have baking soda in our homes. It is a magical powder because it can moisten the skin and maintain the PH level of your body’s skin.
  • Doctors firstly recommend using tea tree oil because it acts as an anti-inflammatory substance. Gently massage the affected area with tea tree oil can remove the itching and marks of white spots.

It will take some time until the white spots on your skin get healed and, no worries because they will not cause any long-term damage. Just try to keep the sun away from your skin until it is cured.

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