How to Get Rid of Eye Allergies? | Symptoms and Treatments

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Eye Allergies

Have you ever felt little discomfort or itchiness in your eyes? Have you examined watery eyes of your children? These kinds of symptoms may cause hazardous results. you need to know more about that ?why you feel these kinds of discomforts and what are the causes?

Extreme itchiness and redness of eyes may be caused due to severe eye allergies.  Sometimes it may cause sharp irritation , that’s why people get incredibly frustrated. Sometimes sneezing or running nose caused due to having seasonal allergies.

AAAAI (American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology) concluded that over 50 million people who were found in the United States got into seasonal allergies. Approximately 30% of the US adults and 40% of the children affected by seasonal allergies which cause lousy eye allergies.

If you see redness and feel sharp itchiness in your eyes, then you need to diagnose the allergic symptoms to get relieve from this disease.

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A red-eye problem closely occurs due to irritation or itching. If you are also suffered from sneezing runny nose or congestion, then you may even sufferer from swallow eyelids, watery eyes and itchy eyes.  These all problem of allergies are known as ocular conjunctivitis.

Sometimes they also pose small little threat to your eyesight. These entire problems may happen because of eye allergies. In most of the cases, eye allergy can also play a significant role in eye infections like conjunctivitis. Sometimes infections like blurriness can also cause some severe symptoms.

Further, we will discuss its causes that are noticed or diagnosed by expert physicians.

Causes of Eye Allergies:

People want to know about the origins of eye allergy. All they need is to know about the causes and its rising symptoms.

I prefer to know about the causes of any disease before going out to take any medical services. So in this article, I will mention here the causes & triggers of this disease.

You relate this term with an infection due to its distressing symptoms, but most of the people do not consider this disease as much problematic.

Ocular or eye allergies probably affect the conjunctiva. For those people who don’t know about conjunctiva should know about this medical term.

In medical language, the conjunctiva is a thin transparent layer of a mucous membrane which is overlying in your every eye.

On the other hand, one thinner layer of mucous membrane layer is available inside the small surface of your nose. These both layers are so similar, and you can see that allergens which are a just like little small substances and that can cause an allergic reaction can trigger a same response of allergies in both areas. Some of the common allergens include which are stated below for your convenience.

Eye Allery Triggers

Below you will see what triggers eye allergies in general:

  • Trees
  • Weeds
  • Dust Mites: They are small tiny insects which are found in dust and mud.
  • Pets (especially dogs and cats)
  • Grasses
  • Molds

Now, most of the people are a little bit confused about how these trees and molds can cause eye allergies? How can these allergies happen due to weeds/ and cats? Further, we will discuss the symptoms that are caused due to having mild and mold eye allergies.

Even some of the people think that eye allergy can happen to everybody who overacts to the something harmful like a piece of mud, or eyelashes. The severity of eye allergy depends upon the causes and other harmful allergens.

We know that our immune system develops some essential antibodies. These antibodies can release a primary substance which is known as histamine. This substance name histamine can fight from the harmful allergens.

Eye Allergy Symptoms:

So how you relate this term concerning your allergic symptoms? Are you getting confused while finding out the symptoms of eye allergy? Now you don’t need to get complicated because we are here to give you complete information about eye allergies.

Itching is the root king of spreading allergies all over the house. Itching is the most severe but common symptoms of an allergy.

Sometimes I get very upset because of eye itching especially at the end of winters. So let’s talk about the connection of itching with an allergic reaction.

Itching is the main symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis. If you speak about eyes itching, then this is a genuinely life-threatening moment for anyone.

Even from the wealthiest businessman to any common guy if he/she goes through with eye-catching, then this will be very irritating for everyone. In addition to this, we will mention all the signs and symptoms of eye allergies in the next section.

Signs and symptoms:

  • Redness in the eyes
  • Tearing
  • Mattering
  • Mucous production
  • Burning sensation
  • Mild swelling under both eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Feeling of double vision or sometimes feel changes in the vision
  • Felling of burning in both eyes
  • Watery eyes
  • Pink or Red eyes
  • The feeling of scaling around the both eyes
  • Puffy or swollen eyelids

In some periods of the season, people see only one eye is affected and show mild redness.

Occasionally children are continuously rubbing their eyes, and because of this, the slight redness can occur.

Mostly the infected people accompanies by congestion, runny nose and due to having severe sneezing.

Many research scientists say that signs and severity of symptoms depend upon the type of allergic disease. So I think you are pretty confused and think about the kinds of eye allergies.

So what are those types and what are the leading causes of each type? Be calm because I will tell you about the critical two types or eye allergy and further explain each allergy with primary causes.

Types of Eye Allergies:

Before going to know about types of eye allergies you need to think for a while that how eye allergies can be turns into severe eye diseases? This could be a challenging task for you because you don’t know about these types so how could you relate the symptoms to eye allergy types. Now you don’t need to turn yourself into trouble. Let me tell you about eye allergy types. There are two types of eye allergies which are seasonal allergies and perennial allergies.

1)    Seasonal allergies:

You can easily understand the seasonal allergy because of its name. Seasonal allergies mean this allergy can easily target anyone in the house especially in spring and summer.

Seasonal allergy also happens in autumn. In these seasons especially in the end of the summer season, many allergens produce in the air.

Commonly these allergens act as a trigger which is frequently known as pollen grains. These pollen grains develop from trees grasses and weeds. People who are working near the mountainside or while playing in the garden commonly affected by this seasonal allergy.

2)    Perennial allergies:

Seasonal allergies usually occur at the end of the spring and summer season. But the second type is different and occurs because of our routine expenditures.

A perennial allergy happens in anytime of the year. This type of allergy can happen as a result of dust mites, contacting with pets like dogs and cats ,and more importantly out daily used substances.

In these everyday substances, there are noticeable things like perfumes, cosmetics, smoke, and other certain medicines can also develop allergies. Air pollution can also play a significant role in expanding perennial allergy in the entire house.

Perennial allergies

Most of the time people know about the cause of allergy. But they don’t know how to treat them or how to cure them efficiently and quickly. It is very easy to tell anyone that what causes eye allergy.

For example, if the allergy symptoms struck when you were playing in the ground in the windy weather or sitting for the number of hours in high pollen count we can easily differentiate the differences of symptoms. Now you may get an exact idea that what things can trigger eye allergies. Some of the eye allergy triggers are:

  • Outdoor allergens like pollen grains
  • Indoor allergens like pet dander or with dust miles
  • Irritants like cigarette smoke, cosmetic or perfumes

Eye Allergy Treatment and Medications:

Now after knowing about the types and its treatment you are in a bit hurry to know about the medicines which are used to cure these severe symptoms. Now we are here to tell you the fantastic treatments and home remedies to cure these dangerous allergies instantly.

You can choose any procedures , but we that you look after both considerations to avoid these eye allergies. To get instant eye allergy relief, you can buy one of the OTC medicines that can give you perfect and sometimes instant relief from itching,sneezing, and other annoying symptoms.

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Medical Treatments:

Taking medicines or using drops requires time and attention. But on the other hand, you can say that medicines can easily hold down the exposure of allergens. Furthermore , we will discuss OTC (Over the counter) medicines and other antibiotic shots that will help you to overcome the symptoms of eye allergies.

  • OTC (Over the counter) Eye drops:

Water is a perfect eye substance, but many experts’ and doctors produce artificial tears that will help you to remove all the allergens from your eyes. It can also wash the temporary allergens and moisturize your eyes perfectly. Nowadays with intimate research, many experts produce OTC decongestants to provide a better experience of vision for everyone.

  • OTC (Over the counter) Oral Antihistamines:

Antihistamine is a new itching relieving eye allergy sprays. These sprays precisely designed for those people who are running a small business of welding or doing gardening. It also gives you instant relief from itchy eyes. You can also take OTC Antihistamine pills to cure eye allergy. Anti-allergic OTC medicines include Zyrtec, Benadryl, Allegra, and Claritin. All of these medicines work great and provide you instant relief from sharp pain.

  • Allergy shots:

We have thoroughly described this oral medicine in our previous article, but if you don’t know about this new immunotherapy treatment, then we will shortly describe you in the next section.

Allergy shots use to reduce the allergic reactions. But this treatment requires some days to achieve expected results.

eye drops

Natural Remedies and tips to cure Eye allergies:

Everyone tends to save money rather than buying medicines or going for expensive treatments. All you need is to go into your kitchen or sitting in your home and take initial steps to cure these symptoms steadily. By eliminating the exposure of allergies, you can easily overcome the triggers to reside into your house. In the next section, we will show you some fantastic steps that can do at home and rapidly overcome all your eye allergies symptoms.

Tips and Natural Remedies:

  • All you need is to decrease the ambient humidity and use a dehumidifier in your house. This can also avoid all the dust particles and as well as dust miles.
  • Washing the cloths is an easy task to avoid all the allergens. You should wash your sheets with hot or lukewarm water.
  • You can use the small amount of baking soda and vinegar in the water and spray this mixture in the corner of your house. Vinegar and baking soda have an anti-inflammatory substance which can quickly kill tiny small insects.
  • You can also use an amount of homemade anti-allergens mixtures. Mix a small amount of salt and baking soda and spray this powder in the corners of your house doors.
  • I love to have pets at my house. But listen,did you know that pets like dogs and cats can be a source of getting eye allergies? Yes, dust mites firstly attack in our pets and reside into their hairs. So try to minimize the eye contact with pets or do not touch them if you have the eye or skin allergies.
  • Use of artificial tears can be very beneficial for everyone who wants to recover their eye allergy. Rose water can quickly reduce the itchiness and redness. It also improves the eyesight effectively.
  • If you feel sharp irritation, then place a washed piece of clothing on your both eyes. This can also decrease the redness and irritation.
  • Gently apply cold compresses or cold water bag into the eyes to reduce the symptoms of allergic reactions like redness, itchiness, and burning.
  • Do not ever rub your eyes while having an itchy or red-eye. By doing this, you might catch eye-burning severe problems. It may also increase the allergic condition.
  • Its better to wear sunglasses when you are exposed to the sun because they also help protect eyes from pollen and other eye irritants.
  • Remove contact lenses if you have ones.


Final verdict:

We have briefly discussed all the treatment that will surely help you to get rid of all the allergens and harmful pollens. Now you don’t need to worry about these tiny grains ,all you need is to take a step and get them away from you instantly.

Those people who have faced these eye allergies symptoms like sneezing, nasal congestion and sniffing need help and medication as we have mentioned a detailed  above.

Seasonal or perennial allergies can affect your eyes, even they make your eyes in a burning, swallowing and watery situations. These kinds of problems may affect lots of Americans at the end of every season. So hurry up and do consider an effective treatment to avoid more eyes diseases.

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